The Portuguese Platform of Development NGOs

The Portuguese Platform of Development NGOs is a private non-profit organization that represents a group of about 60 Portuguese NGDOs, registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Created in March 1985 by its’ member organizations, it responded to their need to position themselves as fundamental interlocutors of the Portuguese government and international organizations, in the process of building policies in the areas of development cooperation, development education and global citizenship and humanitarian and emergency aid.

The Platform represents and supports Portuguese Development NGOs both at national and international levels, contributing to strengthen civil society’s intervention in the areas mentioned above and to empower Development NGOs in order to create a fairer and more equitable world.



An organized, plural, independent and cohesive civil society which, by promoting human dignity, contributes effectively and jointly to the common good and to a just and socially, economically and environmentally balanced world.



The Portuguese Platform of Development NGOs' mission is to contribute to improve and foster Development NGOs' work, at political, legal and social levels, promoting best practices. The Platform works with Development NGOs to promote a fairer and more equitable world, through Development Cooperation, Development Education and Humanitarian and Emergency Aid.


The Platform’s main goals are:

  • To promote an increasingly inclusive society, based on values such as equity and solidarity;
  • To build collaborative mechanisms allowing for the development of societies based on diversity and the respect for human rights;
  • To encourage non-discrimination policies and promote the dignity of all human beings;
  • To monitor and influence the design, implementation and evaluation of development and cooperation policies at national and international levels;
  • To set itself as an important interlocutor for both governmental and supra-governmental organizations in Development Cooperation issues.

Members and Working Areas

The Portuguese Platform of Development NGOs represents a group of 63 Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs). NGDOs are private, non-profit legal persons operating in the areas of Development Cooperation, Emergency and Humanitarian Aid and Development Education and Global Citizenship.  

Find our more about our members here (in portuguese).

How we work

We work for global justice and sustainable development through political advocacy, civil society capacity building, communication for development, and the promotion of cohesion among our members.

Advocacy and Political Influence
We regularly monitor political processes at national and international level and seek to influence decision-makers so that public policies contribute to a more just, supportive, equitable and sustainable world.

Capacity Building
We define and implement various capacity building activities, such as training, workshops, and peer learning programs, with a view to strengthening and improving the capacities and competences of Portuguese NGDOs and other development actors.

We work to contribute to a greater visibility of the Development sector and NGDOs. Through our external communication channels, such as our monthly newsletter, our social media or our magazine, we seek to provide relevant information about the Development sector, with the aim of increasing knowledge and critical awareness of the world in which we live.

Internal Cohesion
We encourage internal communication mechanisms, and organize moments and spaces for sharing experiences, resources and competences and joint work among our members, such as Working Groups and other forms of collective collaboration, with the aim of consolidating internal cohesion between the members, and between NGDOs and the Platform. In this way, we seek to reinforce a culture of sharing and collaboration that enhances the work of NGDOs and reinforces their perspectives of organizational sustainability.

Working Groups

Working Groups are joint working structures composed by Platform’s member organizations. Their objetive is to analyze and reflect on issues related to specific areas of NGDOs' work.

They are an essential piece of organic participation within the Platform, organising their own initiatives, such as knowledge production, workshops, brainstorming sessions, awareness raising actions, training workshops, among others. Currently we have three working Groups:  Aid Watch Working Group, Development Education and Global Citizenship Working Group and Ethics Working Group


Rua Aprígio Mafra, nº17, 3º dto, 1700-051 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 218872239



Rita Leote | Executive Director

Luciana Almeida | Capacity Building Coordinator

Mariana Esteves | Membership Coordinator

Paula Aço | Financial and Administrative Coordinator

Tomás Nogueira | Communications and Advocacy Coordinator

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