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COVID-19 forced us to use our creativity to continue providing Lisbon's Impact Initiatives an opportunity to engage the Lisbon community, as we were doing with our Impact Industry Socials which are no longer safe to run.

We MUST support Social Enterprises, especially now, as traditional capitalism's history of prioritizing profits over people is simply not sustainable. Know about the solutions, and the people behind them is SO important, so....

This is our solution - 30-minute "Learn About & Engage An Impact Initiative in Lisbon" Video Chats! (see who's already schedule time below!) 

- Impact Initiatives will do a 5 minute presentation about their solution.

- Then, one of our Core-Team Contributors will moderate a Q&A where anyone can ask questions, pitch ideas for partnerships, and find synergies!

Not only a great way to meet the actors solving humanity's biggest challenges, but meet others who believe in active citizenship too!

Acompanhe o nosso Trabalho.

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