Advocacy can be defined in many different ways; it can be defined as taking action to improve policies, practices and behaviours in order to ensure the full realisation of human rights or social justice. This workshop will help you understand what advocacy is about and will take you through the process of developing and advocacy strategy (from the identification and analysis of the issue and its root causes to the selection of tactics and strategy).
The workshop is a mix of theoretical presentations, case studies, group discussions and practical activities. It showcases how advocacy can play a role in bringing change and realising human rights.

You will learn from other advocacy campaigns from various NGOs with the presentation from:
- Joao Paulo Batalha, Transparência e Integridade Portugal
- Marta Ramos, ILGA Portugal

Véronique Lerch is an international human rights consultant, specialized in child rights, working for institutions such as UNICEF, the European Commission or Eurochild. Her areas of expertise are: policy development, child and youth participation, alternative care, advocacy and communication for change, organisational development and capacity-building. She was previously the Head of the Advocacy department of a large child rights organisation: SOS Children’s Villages International. She led an advocacy campaign to improve the rights of young people ageing out of the care system in over 20 countries in Europe and Central Asia and introduced participatory methods in the campaign for children and young people to be change agents. 

- What is advocacy? You will learn about the different forms advocacy can take (Lobbying, Campaigning, Strategic advocacy, etc.)
-  How to develop an advocacy strategy? 
Identifying the issue and its root causes;
Setting concrete goals and objectives;
Selecting tactics and tools to make your advocacy effective;
Forming partnerships.
- How to develop and frame key messages for different stakeholders?
- How to monitor and evaluate your advocacy strategy and its impact?


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