The project “There isn’t a PLANet B! Win-win strategies and small actions for big impacts on climate change” will promote, on 20th and 21st of April, the online final conference “NOPLANETB: Together is better! How innovative alliances can encourage a greater impact for climate action”.

This event is part of the implementation plan and aims to promote the discussion around four key questions:
1. What constitutes a win-win climate action and why it can be a strength?
2. How can we reach out to those less convinced or able to contribute to a change and make their contribution count?
3. How can political decision-making be better influenced by alliances?
4. How can projects overcome their financial, personal resource limitations and be replicated?

The program will consist of four sessions, whose themes will be:
1. What constitutes a WIN-WIN alliance? – 20th of April from 10 CET
2. Win-Win alliances between CSOs and public stakeholders – 20th of April from 13.30 CET
3. Win-Win alliances between CSOs and companies – 21st of April from 10 CET
4. NOPLANETB, What’s next? – 21st of April from 13.30 CET

Each session will be a conversation conducted by the Italian Environmental Journalist Emanuele Bompan with different speakers, like Anne Marie Vermunt (EU DEAR Task Manager), Giulio Lo Iacono (ASVIS), Daniela Bertacchi (Global Compact Italy), Gyula Bándi (Deputy Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Ombudsman for Future Generations– Hungary), and many others.

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